There is something inexplicable about French cuisine that makes the rest of us that little bit envious. The elegance of French cooking is born out of the French culture, which is embedded in every authentic French patisserie and restaurant on the street. But how can you create the atmosphere of a French restaurant at home?

Laguiole Jean Neron makes any ordinary table look like a piece of artwork. The cutlery has been crafted in France for over three generations out of high quality stainless steel and coloured resin. Whether you’re preparing a cheese platter for an afternoon snack with wine or roasting a chicken for a dinner party, Laguiole Jean Neron provides just the right touch of colourful sophistication to any meal.

Our Laguiole En Aubrac range is compromised of intricate and unique products. All knives from this range are handcrafted by the same person from start to finish and are made of the highest quality materials with a lifetime guarantee. Each knife is crafted with care and infused with the French culture. This dynamic range offers a knife for any occasion from chef knives to hunting knives.

Our alluring French ranges are more than simply products; they create an experience. Anyone who accompanies a meal with a Laguiole product will find themselves indulging in a dining experience that matches the luxury of sharing in a meal at a French restaurant.

Come see for yourself.

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