Besides its myriad of health benefits, garlic is an explosion of flavour. It can add flavour to even the simplest dish and if you’re anything like me, you probably enjoy being fairly heavy handed with it. But the one downfall, as everybody knows, is the tedious task of chopping it…and chopping it…and chopping it.

The new Peel & Dice Garlic Device by Icon Chef removes all the hassle by peeling garlic with just a few pulls of the cord! The device also chops and finely dices garlic and other vegetables. It’s practically an all-in-one veggie preparation device.

So, how does it work?

The innovate and simple design of this product makes it easy to use and a funky addition to your kitchen. The device is comprised of only a few parts:

Peeler insert – The green peeler insert is used in conjunction with the silicone peeler blade to peel garlic in a number of seconds.

Silicone peeler blade – This peels the garlic with just a few pulls of the cord. All you need to do is remove the garlic heads from the clove, pop them in the container and peel the garlic with 10 quick pulls of the cord.

Dicer blade – Once the garlic is peeled and the peeler insert removed, the dicer blade slices the garlic with just a few quick pulls of the cord. You can also dice other veggies with this blade, such as capsicum, which makes for easy preparation before you get your food cooking.

The Lid – This does all the magic!

One of the greatest aspects of this device is that you can peel and dice large amounts of garlic that can be preserved in your freezer. Simply place garlic into a freezer-safe container with olive oil and store it in the freezer! You can also find many other methods that can be used to preserve your freshly chopped garlic online.

Personally, I think this device is just what the busy home cook needs. The device retains the integrity of the garlic but removes the hassle and can be used for other veggies, which means little clean up and an all-in-one preparation experience.

It’s time to get cooking!