Takumi is a warrior. Takumi is a true artisan in the art of food preparation. Nestled in Japanese culture, Takumi knives are made with 67-layer folded steel. The gentle folds of the knives resemble both flowing waters and eternal mountains.

Takumi knives come in a beautiful charcoal black box that holds three resilient and durable masters of food preparation. Each knife is unique in size and ability but together they are unbeatable.

These knives include the Chef’s Knife, Slicing Knife, and Utility Knife. Each knife is emblazoned with a mosaic pattern on the handle, a mark of craftsmanship. Each gold circle of the pattern represents an individual knife showing that together they are true masters of their skill.

The Chef’s Knife is a master of versatility, offering its help wherever it is needed. The spine of the knife provides its strength while the sharp edge cuts to perfection.

The Slicing Knife is a master of precision, as it slices through meat. Even the finest of cuts are attainable for this warrior.

The Utility Knife is a master of practicality through its ability in cutting even the smallest of food items with ease.

As a trio, every challenge can be overcome. Aided by these three knives, your food preparation journey will be accompanied by unparalleled skill and true enjoyment.