There is no denying that when it comes to the French, the word luxury can never appear overused. But what if one could enjoy some of life’s luxuries without burning a hole in their wallet?

Laguiole Jean Neron is more than just wooden boards and stainless steel cutlery; it is an art. Each piece created by Laguiole is steeped in tradition, as the trademark family company has been handed down for over three generations. Nestled in the French cutlery capital, Thiers, Jean Neron ranges are proudly made in the heart of the industrial area where cutlers have been crafting cutlery for over seven centuries.

Jean Neron not only focuses on the best, high-quality steel for the practical use of its cutlery ranges but also the decorative touch with which a table can be brought to life by beautiful cutlery.

From bright vibrant red to classic olive wood colours, there is a cutlery set that will suit anyone’s taste. Plus, they have a particular liking for producing cheese paraphernalia that will make any cheese addict salivate.

Sitting down on a warm summer’s afternoon with friends, sipping on glasses of Cabernet Sauvignon and picking at an assortment of cheeses has to be one of my favourite pastimes. The cheese and wine marriage is possibly the greatest thing to come out of Europe and what better way to honour it than by presenting it with beautiful French pieces?

Jeron Neron offers various kinds of cheese knife sets, as well as a selection of serving boards that look so decorative you’ll want to display them permanently! Each piece is embossed with The Ant (La Fourmi) that was born in 1899 and is a trademark of the long-lived family company.  The Ant is the emblem of confidence and due to ongoing research and product development, it has adapted its production to the requirements of its customers and has developed a number of ranges to suit both uses and budgets.

If you are looking for beautiful timeless pieces that will add a splash of luxury and character to your home, look no further than Laguiole Jean Neron.

Visit your nearest kitchenware store for Laguiole Jean Neron products.