I am sure many of us who enjoy cooking have experienced the frustration that comes from cutting with a blunt steel knife. You pull it out of the drawer or knife block, get yourself ready to make magic in the kitchen and as you slice the fruit or vegetable, you find your knife sliding over the top instead of doing the one thing your knife is designed to do: cut through it.

In my experience, this problem can easily be resolved with some classic at-home sharpening. But what if you could buy a knife that stays sharp 10 times longer than steel? Ceramic knives are not intended to replace your steel knives because steel knives are great for carving, prying, boning, cutting frozen foods and slicing cheese. Steel knives are our trusted old friends in the kitchen. But ceramic knives are designed to make chopping vegetables and fruits smooth and effortless, so much so you’ll probably find it therapeutic.

Kyocera’s quality ceramic knives will cut cleanly for a long period of time and have a very quick cleaning time – all they require is a rinse and a wipe. Similarly, ceramic knives will never rust. For those of us whose biceps are a little below the national average, you’re in luck! Ceramic knives are typically half the weight of an equivalent-sized steel knife, making your chopping activities light and easy as!

The blades are made from advanced, high-tech zirconium oxide that is wear resistant, extremely hard and chemically inert.

The Kyocera knife range offers all types of bright and vibrant coloured handles to suit your kitchen style. Alternatively, if you’re into the more classic look, there are black and white handles available too. Choose from an array of colours ranging from bright blue to soft pale pink (this one is actually part of our National Breast Cancer Foundation range where a percentage of each knife sold is donated to the organisation). Kyocera Ergonomic Series also offers a choice between black and white blades, providing extensive choice for the home cook or chef.

Ceramic knives have their limitations, as most products do. They have to be used carefully because if dropped or used to cut hard food such as bone, they can chip or break. If Kyocera knives are looked after with care, they could last you a very long time. Many of our customers who buy ceramic knives for fruit and vegetables never go back to steel because they fall in love with the ease of use and quality.

Ceramic doesn’t have to be restricted to outside flower pots only! Try it in your kitchen and see what it can do!

Buy your new Kyocera knife from your local kitchenware shop or on Amazon Australia today: http://amzn.to/2oKVSX1