Smart Swiss design is about as superior as it can get. Moha is a Swiss company that focuses on innovation and new-age design. The company designs non-electric kitchen appliances that are easy and fun to use in order to serve daily food preparation needs. It’s a company that considers the busy lifestyles of its customers and modernises traditional food preparation practices. So, what can Moha offer you?

From ice cream scoops to ginger graters, they’ve got it all! Moha is first and foremost about the practicality of cooking while taking into consideration busy schedules and tedious cooking tasks. Their Galien garlic press, for example, has a high-performance press system that dispenses the garlic without the need for peeling.

Moha is so dedicated to its legacy of innovation that the company aims to launch 5 to 7 new products every year with a predominant focus on unique product attributes.  Many of Moha’s products are patented due to their unique design and fresh approach to kitchenware. One of my personal favourite designs is the Crack-It Egg Cracker, which minimises the effort and mess that comes from cracking eggs with your hands. While Jamie Oliver may have it down, I certainly don’t! Soft-boiled eggs and toasty soldiers can be enjoyed without the unpleasant crunching of eggshell along the way. Plus, it’s super fun to use!

Moha takes the hassle out of everyday cooking while actually making food preparation enjoyable! In true Swiss style, the company has developed products that minimise the effort but maximise the reward and this truly sounds like the perfect solution for any busy business person or parents with a hundred things to juggle.

OTL sells a range of Moha products that can be purchased at our outlet store at 5/62 Bishop Street, Kelvin Grove, Brisbane. If our outlet store is a tad too far away from you, ask your local kitchenware store about Moha products.

You can also check out their website here: