Some of you may never have heard of Berkel but Berkel is one brand you certainly want to hear about. Think German steel matched with Italian design – the perfect marriage. Berkel is more than simply a trademark but a lifestyle emphasised by the quality of its products and passion as a brand. The brand is highly unique, as seen above by their Primitive Kitchen Knife.

The Primitive Kitchen Knife is made from stainless steel but looks nothing like a modern-day knife. Both its decorative touch and radical design moves from the origins of mankind to an innovative modern knife. It may appear slightly bizarre, but Berkel doesn’t shy away from creativity beyond the norm. The brand opts for innovation, reliability and durability while exuding originality.

The sophistication of Berkel means that products are classic in appearance but exceptional in quality. Rich mahogany and walnut-type colour schemes make this brand a sophisticated person’s first choice. If you are a fan of Italian style and design, then Berkel will certainly fit your taste like a glove.

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