Sometimes, searching for the perfect gift is a challenge. You either have an ingenious gift idea for someone or you’re stuck scanning Google, red-eyed and hopeless considering a voucher from their local shopping centre (not that anyone can really complain).

But often the challenge comes with knowing where to go to meet your sometimes unknown expectations of the type of gift you’re searching for. In the chaos of stores crowded with people and products stacked like Tetris blocks, it can all be a little overwhelming.

Perhaps your friend or partner is someone who loves to cook or entertain but they’re one of those notorious “they have everything” kinds of people. Do you head to the classic decor store displaying the beautiful marriage of modern and vintage mystique or do you head to a kitchenware store, where the practical yet creative products provide many options for anyone’s taste? But then there are times when you want both, the elegant dinnerware and funky kitchenware, in the comfort of one store. We happen to know the place.

OTL’s kitchenware and giftware wholesale outlet store takes all your options and places them in one store that transcends creative boundaries by bringing you products sourced from all over the world. Come have a browse and take a trip through France with elegant knives and bottle openers crafted in a small French country town by Laguiole Jean Neron and Laguiole en Aubrac. Test out some of our unique kitchenware products, designed in Switzerland by Betty Bossi, and our funky Icon Chef range that has a carry bag or basket for any occasion. Enjoy the multicoloured Kyocera ceramic knife ranges that make cutting meat as effortless as placing it in the pan. Admire some of the most innovative and modern products of Moha, which celebrates Swiss smart design.  Be in awe of the Takumi artisan series with knives made from 67 layers of folded steel. And last but not least, relish in pristine Italian design while eyeing out our Berkel range.

As an outlet store, we offer a variety of different products at competitive prices. Receive major discounts on some products that have been favourites for years and see the latest and best in the kitchenware industry all in one location.

So, if any of this sounds exciting to you and you’re searching for a special gift for someone or even yourself, come round and have a squiz.

You can find us at:

4/62 Bishop Street, Kelvin Grove, Brisbane, 4059.

Opening times are Monday to Friday, 10 am to 4 pm.

Hopefully, we’ll see you soon!