Living in Australia, we come to appreciate the beautiful flora and fauna around us. Michelle Pike, a renowned Australian illustrator, takes us on a journey down under with each beautiful piece of artwork she produces. Michelle’s art is a marriage of colour, culture, bad habits and humour. Her artwork pieces together creative elements representing life in Australia, with a playful approach to its animals and outback lifestyle.

After discovering Michelle’s artwork, we decided to feature her designs on some of our Icon Chef neoprene products, allowing for our customers to enjoy both the practicality and artistic flair of the range. These products are a tourist’s best souvenir, with affordable and fun designs available. We took our neoprene products out on the town and managed to find a few fans!

The Icon Chef Michelle Pike neoprene range includes a Single Wine Buddy, Water Bottle Carrier, Lunch Buddy and Oven Glove. The neoprene keeps your food or drinks hot or cold, so you’re always prepared for a barbeque or picnic.

Whether you’re looking for a lunchbox for your kid to take to school, something funky to carry your water bottle in on a hike, or you’re off to the beach with some friends, our Michelle Pike neoprene Range has something for you. Celebrate the beauty of natural Australia mixed with the lightheartedness of the Aussie culture.

The Icon Chef Michelle Pike neoprene Range will be in stores soon!

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