Forget the basket, how about those bread rolls? Hand me some silky butter and I’d destroy the whole lot! Okay, but seriously, what’s a golden bun without a beautiful display? Sometimes food deserves to look good too.

Hand-woven baskets have been around longer than my grandmother and that’s saying something! The simple, classic storage baskets not only add a practical element but also a sense of rustic flair to the home. Hand weaving a basket is an art and one that is certainly still appreciated years on…even though cynics may mock the art of underwater basket weaving.

One day, we realised that what our range needed was a selection of classic hand-woven baskets that could be used for both storage and display purposes. But one of the major issues with baskets is that they begin to wear over time and eventually sharp wooden splints poke you as you’re trying to go about your day. So, we sourced for the solution by finding hand-crafted baskets woven from BPA-free, food-safe material that can also go in your dishwasher!

We discovered a selection of multi-purpose hand-woven baskets that look like the real deal with some extra durability added on top that we’ve added to our Icon Chef range. From cutlery holders to laundry baskets to bread trays, we have it all. Spruce up your house with a collection of classic baskets that bring just the right amount of warmth to the home.

These versatile baskets are a beautiful yet functional addition to your living space. With up to four size variations per basket type, you will certainly be spoilt for choice.

If you’re looking for some classic storage baskets, then you can purchase yours online from our Amazon page:  https://amzn.to/2OgogvA

If you’re in Brisbane, come visit us at our outlet store to browse some beautifully crafted Icon Chef baskets and more:

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