Each year brings about new health crazes and food trends. As soon as we get used to one trend, another one has swooped its way in and we find ourselves discussing it over a soy latte with our friends, or whatever the ‘in’ coffee is at the time.

Personally, I prefer not to go on diet because one day of restricting myself leads to about one week of quite the opposite, but not all crazes are about weight loss and preventive eating. I’ve flicked through some articles and generated a list of a few food trends that appear to be heating up in 2019, plus I show some ways that OTL can assist if you’re looking to bring them to your kitchen this year.

  1. Faux Meat and Alternatives

Meat-free is becoming ever more popular in 2019. According to LiveKindly, approximately 8.7% of the Australian population was eating a plant-based diet in 2018. Aside from the hardline vegans and vegetarians, more and more people appear to be opting for meat-free alternatives in their diet to minimise their intake of animal products based on personal, environmental, and health reasons.

Colourful vegetable tart made by the Betty Bossi Veggie Sheet Slicer (Makes thin sheets out of veggies and fruit – great for vegan and vegetarian meals!)

  1. Snacks from the Ocean

There’s no denying that the ocean has been and continues to be a significant source of food. Beyond the obvious consumption of fish and other sea creatures, people have also taken a liking to the flora of the ocean, such as seaweed and kelp. 2019 will see increased obsession with these as plant-based snacks. While that may sound unappetising for some, modern food technology means that even the slimiest of plants seem to tickle the tastebuds!

Keen for a snack? Photo by Andrew Buchanan on Unsplash

  1. Eating in

While many of us salivate while scoping the online menu of the funky new restaurant in town, it appears 2019 is going to see home cooking on the rise. Meal kits and prepacked ingredients mean that we can create delicious meals at home with very little hassle. Just the other day, when scanning the pre-made butter chicken recipes, I saw a little pre-packed kit with all the spices you need carefully measured out. There are increasingly more options to have the ease of convenience yet the reward of creating the meal yourself.

Betty Bossi Sauce Maker (Whips up a sauce in 1 minute)

  1. Veggies to the stage

Veggies have always been a mandatory accompaniment to a well-balanced meal. Remember the day when grandma would boil the life out of them and plonk them on your plate next to a generous serving of meat and starch? But now, veggies are taking centre stage, as recipes become more veggie-centric and there’s an increasing focus on making them the hero of the dish. I will personally welcome this trend because the days of sloppy boiled cabbage appear to be well and truly over!

Betty Bossi Veggie Twister PLUS (Spiralize veggies to make delicious meals)

  1. Ugly Veggies and Fruit

As you may know, unattractive veggies and fruit don’t make it onto supermarket shelves. The poor, neglected produce often goes to waste, despite being as tasty as their more aesthetically gifted counterparts. Luckily, the new focus on sustainability and conservation means these unique little guys just may be rescued from their fate, as businesses such as smoothie companies are now taking advantage of them.

‘Ugly’ Veggies Will No Longer Suffer

I think we’re in store for a tasty year! Food goes in and out of fashion just as clothes do, and this year is going to be a quirky, fashionable one! Get those ugly veggies on your plate and keep your eyes peeled for seaweed snacks because it’s definitely a year to embrace sharing a meal in the home and doing it in a healthy way!

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