Individually handcrafted and guaranteed for life, the Laguiole En Aubrac range is synonymous with intricate detailing and superb quality which are the famous hallmarks of this prestigious French brand.

Each knife is unique and manufactured from the highest quality materials. The Laguiole En Aubrac Knife is identified by its intricate detailing, true craftsmanship, and long production process.

The crafted handles are made from a variety of material including exotic woods from all over the world, fossilised mammoth ivory, buffalo horn, steel, and bone.   This guarantees that each knife has it’s own unique quality, look and feel.

The wide range of beautiful Laguiole En Aubrac will compliment any kitchen or table setting – whether it be for every day use or for those special occasions. Stamped with history there is no equal.

History of Laguiole En Aubrac

This humble farmer’s knife was first created in 1829 by Jean-Pierre Calmels in Laguiole, a small mountain village of the Aveyron, in South Western France. The bee decorating the spring plate would eventually become the prestigious symbol of France’s most celebrated knife. One story states that the use of the bee, an imperial symbol, was granted by Napoleon in recognition of the courage of his soldiers. Whatever the history is – one thing hasn’t changed and that is the quality and craftsmanship that comes with every piece under the Laguiole En Aubrac range.

How is Laguiole En Aubrac unique?

There are 109 production steps for a one-piece knife, 166 for a two-piece and 216 for a three-piece model. The long production process is what distinguishes true craftsmanship from mass production, and guarantees the unique qualities of each knife.

Unique Features

  • The Blade – Forged out of 440 steel, the blade is very strong and sharp and will never rust.
  • The Handle – Each handle is hand crafted in either wood, horn or bone. The stainless steel spine along the top edge signifies the unique symbols and is unique to the particular craftsman who made the knife. The engraved spine is the trademark for authenticity, signifying it is made in the Laguiole region and that each knife is made and assembled by one single craftsman