Kyocera Ceramic Knife Sharpening

Oceania Trade Link is the sole agent and distributor of Kyocera Ceramic Knives in Australia. We are proud to be associated with such a company as Kyocera who manufactures products to the highest standard.

Whilst ceramic knives are typically sharper than steel knives and their sharpness is retained for longer, they do require attention after constant use. Kyocera does not recommend using a home knife sharpening tool because the ceramic knife is harder than any sharpening steel. If you do not have a Kyocera Electric Diamond Sharpener, Oceania Trade Link will facilitate professional sharpening with a diamond wheel that is used in the original manufacturing process for you.

Kyocera Electric Diamond Sharpener
A home sharpening solution for Kyocera ceramic knives + Steel knives

Cost for Sharpening Service

For all Kyocera ceramic knives purchased in Australia, the knife sharpening service is free however a charge for shipping and handling is requested as follows:

  •          $20.00 for up to two knives
  •          $7.50 for each additional knife thereafter

Form and Payment

Please send your knife/knives along with your completed ‘Kyocera Knife Resharpening Form‘ and payment to Oceania Trade Link.

Please allow approximately 14 days for your sharpened knife to be returned.


How to Whiten a Ceramic Knife

When ceramic knives are used at home, the blade will get stain after a while. View the ‘Full Instruction‘ of how to whitening your ceramic knives.

Recommended Uses of a Ceramic Knife

Straight cuts on a cutting board (wood or plastic board) are a ceramic knife’s undisputed strength.

  • Ideal for straight cuts/slicing of fruits, vegetables and boneless meats.
  • Always use with a wood or plastic cutting board.
  • Highly recommand to hand wash, rinse & wipe (use a mild bleach solution for blade discoloration)
  • Store in knife block, sheath or cutlery tray.
Avoid carving, prying and boning. Or chop any meat w/bones.
Avoid force to twist, push or use as a opener.
Avoid force to side of blade such as smash garlic.
Avoid cutting on marble, glass, plates or tile. Or scraping the hard surface.
Avoid cutting foods with heavy rinds such as pumpkin, hard fruit, block cheese and frozen foods.
Avoid dropping on hard surfaces including in the sink. Or hit against hard object such as china or flatware.

Warranty Claims

All Kyocera ceramic knives are warranted to be free from defects in material or workmanship for five (5) years after its original purchase date. Oceania Trade Link Pty Ltd is Kyocera’s sole agent and distributor for all purposes in Australia. In the event that a defect occurs, OTL will repair or replace the knife (at it’s discretion) free of charge.

Any knife that is no longer available and can not be repaired will be replaced by a comparable knife at OTL’s discretion. This warranty extends only to the knife’s original purchaser. This warranty does not cover damage caused by improper use of the knife, or accidental damage to the knife. Small chips or broken tips are not covered by this warranty, but can often be corrected by resharpening. Please refer to Kyocera Ceramic Knife Sharpening for further details.

To process your warranty claim, please download, print, and complete and send the ‘Kyocera Warranty Form with proof of purchase and your safely packaged knife. Further details can be found on the Kyocera Warranty Form.