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Since 2004 we have been a proud home and kitchenware supplier to independent kitchen and giftware retailers across Australia, New Zealand, and further afield. Our extensive range is sourced from international manufacturers who pride themselves in producing high-quality products. From knives that are steeped in tradition since the 1800s, to new award-winning innovative products that are exclusive to the market, we offer a wide range to suit your customer’s needs.


We’re Proud to Represent

From Switzerland, Japan, France & all across the world
Icon Chef
Betty Bossi
Lagiuole Jean Neron
Laguiole En Aubrac
MoHA! of Switzerland

Giving Back to Our Community

Since 2009, as a Corporate Sponsor of the NBCF, we have donated more than $100 000 to an extremely worthy cause that benefits so many families across Australia.

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As featured in Bon Appetit

Laguiole Jean Neron in the streaming hit “Squid Game”

James “Jimmy Giggle” Rees and his Veggie Twister

OTL’s Summer Digital Trade Show 2022

With Chris and Lucy