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Innovation Series

Featuring a seamless, tapered handle with shaped detail that make knives easier to grip, these lighter-than-ever high performance innovationWHITE kitchen knives from Kyocera are a dream to use.

  • New packaging made from layered, corrugated card and a new outer design draws attention and features a window for customers to feel the new Innovation grip texture, while keeping the ultra-sharp blade of the knife protected.
  • The new Innovation handle shape is deceptively simple, featuring detailing in the handle profile like a specially rounded underside that maintains the comfort of the Ergonomic Series while being easier to use with a wider variety of cutting techniques.
  • The new range is available in an all-rounder, 11cm Utility knife, a 14cm Mini-Santoku knife, and a 16cm Santoku knife.
11cm Utility KnifeTK-110WHBK
14cm Mini-Santoku KnifeTK-140WHBK
16cm Santoku KnifeTK-160WHBK